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The Archetype Influence Mix


Uncover who you truly are as a brand -
and the edge that makes you exceptional in your industry -
with one powerful tool.



Pop quiz: What do the marketing strategies of brand behemoths like Coca Cola and Apple have in common?

 They’ve mastered the power of archetypes (defined as “character types that represent universal patterns of human nature”) to create campaigns, loyal followings, and company cultures that have made them global household names for decades.
And now, it’s your turn.

What is The Archetype Influence Mix?

It’s a deep dive assessment into your brand, based on the psychology of Carl Jung and our CEO Jennifer Kem’s 17+ years in the marketing biz.

While AIM is normally only available through Master Brand (which books up at $1500 a pop), we’re opening the AIM as an individual license available only for participants of Jen's special presentation, "Develop Your Irresistible Brand Voice and Master Your Brand Story." It's our special gift to you.

Ready to find out who you are as a brand?

Let’s rock this.


 Why do you need to know your archetypes exactly?


Because this knowledge has the power to give you:

A deeper understanding of everything from your offerings, to your brand’s look and feel, to the topics you love to share about
X-ray vision on what makes your brand extraordinary in the way you choose to serve, sell, and speak
A “bird’s eye view” of how your passions, talents, and philosophies  can be put to work in your business at a higher level
A sense of intentional clarity around who you are as a brand, and a foundation for your marketing tactics, tribe building strategies, products and offerings, and everything else you’ll do going forward

You get instant access to the assessment + your beautifully detailed, AIM report, which reveals:

Your Dominant Archetype: This is the most crucial reference point for every move your brand makes; including your content and strategy, your aesthetic, values, and more.

Your Intrinsic Archetype: A.k.a your secondary archetype. This“fills in the blanks”, and provides a deeper look into your brand’s identity.

Your Intuitive Archetype: This is just as important as your Dominant and Intrinsic Archetypes, as this tertiary tier “backs you up”, and helps you make informed decisions with total confidence.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Hear what previous AIM students had to say -- and why learning their Archetypes was a critical move:


"Learning I was an explorer changed everything and I love having this foundation to come back to when I feel my message veering back into the other energies. When I'm square in my explorer I feel JOY and CONNECTION, two of my most coveted feelings." - Taryn Mason


"Now that I know my archetypes, I am awakened to the simple, overwhelming fact that I can have it all (I don't have to be just one of the archetypes that have driven me; in fact, trying to be just one is one of the things that has been holding me back all these years!)" - Dave Hime


"Just now after reading through the material I came up with the clearest definition [of what I do]. That's the clearest I've been in 6 years of doing business. People were not joking, this module is worth the price of admission." -Joeli Kelly

So: are you ready
to discover who you are?

You could be a Ruler, a Sage, a Hero, a Lover, a Creator, a Muse…

or something else entirely. 

But there’s only one way to find out.

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